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The escalation of singularity ashes

Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity conceives as the first strategy in DirectX 12, and in this case, it means not so much a beautiful photorealistic schedule as a large-scale battle scene. If you take a unit, it looks like a fighting car from any fiction. All kinds of lasers and beams, as his attacks are not notable. The approach is that in your army, there may be thousands and even tens of thousands of such units, and you can at least observe the behaviour of each tanker, even bypass the whole picture of the battle, and take off the camera to the sky.

But if the words “Head First” in the name of the campaign inspire the hope of seeing something decent, then sleepy music and faint sounds are not replaced. The latter is partly reminiscent of toy lasers, partly a rumbling in the stomach. Where Mortal ashes. It can’t take technology, and it has obvious problems with its style: it’s not characterized differently from the word “ordinary”.


Overall, Ashes of the Singularity – Is just one skirmish across 25 available maps. Not so little, especially if you play not only with a computer but also with friends. But this game and sought after and worthy of more. It remains to hope that Stardock has the resources to add to the meat of exciting content in intelligent mechanics.


  • The economy of the current.
  • Advanced graphics.
  • Advanced AI.


  • High system requirements.
  • Unsuccessful single campaign.
  • The distinctive visual style and lazy sound.

Rating: 7.0

Despite many reservations, Ashes of the Singularity can present many hours of unusual strategic gameplay and become any, but still an alternative. Yes, you can; you will be able to run it on your computer.

Ashes of Singularity is a real-time strategy from the developers of rust games. You will rightly say that the nitrous game engine and the game itself were created with the participation of Stardock Entertainment, which in turn published such successful projects as Galactic Civilizations and Sins of the Solar Empire. The strategy genre is fading, and you can still see new games around which a lot of noise. We have the most typical strategy for an exception; dozens of units changed hundreds. Set a distant future and a war for resources.

A Long Time Ago, In The Galaxy Far, Far Away!

2178 years. Technical progress has come about due to human control. The necessary resources tourism can obtain by recycling other planets. Therefore the coalition of people remotely sends the robots against other inorganic people subservient to the substratum.

In short, people send robots against robots to war over the resource, which is also needed by the other. The plot is not here.

The Most Ordinary Strategy

Thus, you have the main Nexus building and several engineers by the game’s start. Engineers are your builders, and they equip resource depots. They also build buildings and repair units.

All your buildings in the game interconnect with a yellow path. By capturing new regions, you create a link between resources in the other areas and your Nexus.


The map is divided into regions where resources and generators locate. Neutral troops will protect them. After removing neutrals returns over time, you must defend your resource network. In addition to the neutral units, you will have a specific enemy or several. Different buildings produce different units: Flying, Ground, Scouts, etc. Flight units will have intelligence and cover from the sky. Ground attack at close and long distances. Others exercise support in battle. On planets with low gravity, a struggle is possible in height. Each combat unit has ranges, speed and damage.

Victory Conditions

As in all strategies, destroy all opponents or control the desired number of cars. If you accumulate enough resources, you will have a chance to build on the global weapon.

  • Call the engineer. At the beginning of the game, engineers can only create on Nexus. So with the expansion of the territories, it will continue to eliminate Nexus. Therefore, you can spend the quantum of resources on the call of engineers to where you will be satisfied.
  • Therefore, players can build a building that can teleport units to a designated location by spending a quantum resource. So it can allow you to attack the enemy from the flank.
  • The orbital hit – everything is clear here; it happens quantum.
  • Orbital shield.


Therefore the ashes of someone’s singularity may not be easy. The game can forgive for its graphical thaw, given that it focuses on drawing more combat units. So yes, it can see as an exciting feature. Let me play the strategy if you don’t put bread in your mouth.

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