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Music Technology Degrees to Help

Music Technology

The  Bachelor of Music Technology aims to train professionals with a comprehensive vision of musical creation and interpretation through technology, backed by solid scientific, humanistic and social training. Therefore that allows them to undertake, systematise and manage reflective, ethical, individual or collaborative projects of an artistic, musical and cultural nature, to respond inclusively and innovatively with respect and commitment to the need to promote knowledge development and creativity talent of Mexican culture.

Faced with the dizzying changes that the world of music is presently presenting, there is an urgent need to respond with relevant and up-to-date proposals. So among these changes, the need to train professionals capable of interpreting, producing, composing and recording their music stands out; the: comprehensive.



1) It allows students to learn the content that every contemporary professional musician/composer should have.

2) It trains musicians/composers capable of developing, not only as sound creators but also as highly qualified professionals for managing technology applied to sound.

3) Successfully links the use of current technologies with the tradition of concert music.

What is Music Technology?

Music technology is a field of knowledge that focuses on using any physical or software device, mechanism, machine or tool by an artist. To make or perform music, compose, notate, play, record musical works, analyse or edit music, or create/play alternative sound sources. The earliest known applications of it in music were the use of a tool by prehistoric peoples to drill holes in bones to make simple flutes. Ancient Egyptians developed stringed instruments, such as harps, lyres and lutes. Which required making thin strings and some kind of peg system to adjust the pitch of the columns. Numerous devices are referenced in the Bible, including the horn, pipe, lyre, harp, and bagpipes. Bugles, flutes, horns, organs, lines, and trumpets stood cast off during biblical times. During the Middle Ages, musical notation created a written record of the notes of simple melodies.


Degree Program in Music Technology

BSc (Hons) Music and Sound Design Technology

The BSc (Hons) Music and Sound Design Technology course strategy are for students who wish to inquire into music and media through music. Sound design and immersive audio applications. The focus is on sound and music as a multimedia components. Including the world of sound design as a creative process. Students create and work on various media-focused projects. Including moving images, game audio and sound overproduction, and determining how to deliver sound in multi-speaker and virtual spaces.

BA(Hons) in Creative Music Technologies) in Creative Music Technology

Guided by a team of industry professionals, academics and technical tutors, you’ll learn about creating, performing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music. You will also specialise in making sound and music for various media, including game engines and interactive installations.

So develop as an industry-ready artist with the creative, technical, cognitive and professional attributes necessary for success.Work in a top-notch studio equipped with surround sound monitoring, software instruments and plug-ins, digital and analog gear.
Get access to a large selection of industry-standard equipment, like as drum machines, controllers, synthesisers, amplifiers, portable recorders, and microphones.
Collaborate on other Falmouth courses alongside animators, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, and designers.

BA (Hons) in Music

Immerse yourself in our recital culture and prepare for a career as a professional musician as you study music and its contemporary uses with our BA (Hons) Music degree. Performance is at the core of our Music degree here at ARU. So take advantage of regular feedback on your performance to quickly improve your skills on a course that’s scored 100% for overall student satisfaction (National Student Survey, 2018 and 2019). Therefore, classical music to UK rap, film, and computer game soundtracks. You’ll surround by collaborative opportunities to explore and expand your style.

Bachelor of Music in Music Technology

This programme is a combined 3-year Bachelor’s and 2,5-year Master’s degree. As a student, you will complete education and study projects in music technology and creative music presentation. Therefore music technology studies separate into focus areas, offering dissimilar viewpoints on working as an expert in music technology.

Therefore the grouping of studies and research in music technology and creative music performance is essential to the program. So we offer you a comprehensive course collection and versatile study opportunities to choose from based on your benefits:

  • electroacoustic music
  • film and game music
  • media and sonic arts
  • music and technology: tools, means, and development
  • music technology education
  • amplification
  • recording and music production.


We now have access to a wider variety of music than we did in the past because to music technology. With a few button clicks, we can now locate and listen to nearly any music. Furthermore, digital technological advancements have allowed us to enjoy music in previously unthinkable ways.

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