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Best Penetration Testing Firms

The best penetration testing service provider companies from the US, UK, India and the rest of the world. We have also compared penetration testing companies in detail so you can quickly select the best provider for your services.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (pen testing) tests a computer system, network, or web application for vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit, simulating an attack against an organization’s IT assets.

Our expert penetration testers, known as ethical hackers, examine IT systems to identify any weak points that an attacker could use to breach the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of a network and also associated data.


1. ScienceSoft

It is a cybersecurity service provider and software development company. Therefore, sciences help its clients in banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other industries design and implement the most relevant defence for their IT environments.

  • Headquarters: Texas, United States
  • Founded: 1989
  • Employees: 500 – 1,000
  • Revenue : $25M

Core Services: Security Testing (Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing, Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audit), Web Application Protection, Network Protection, Managed IT Services, IoT Solutions, and data analysis.

Products: IBM QRadar for security intelligence, QLean for QRadar Health Check, and ScienceSoft SIEM for automated security monitoring.

Clientela: Walmart, Nestlé, eBay, NASA JPL, T- Mobile, Baxter, Viber, M&T Bank, etc.

Features :

Thirty years of experience in information technology referring and custom software development.

We have been providing cybersecurity services for more than 15 years.

IBM Gold Business Partner in Operations and Security Response.

Recognized with 5 Microsoft Gold Competencies: Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Data Analytics, Data Center, and Data Platform.

We have partnered with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Magento, ServiceNow, etc.

2. Acunetix

Acunetix is ​​a fully automatic web weakness digital scanner that detects and reports over 4,500 web application vulnerabilities, including all SQL Injection and XSS variants.

So it complements the function of a penetration tester by automating tasks that can take hours to test manually, delivering accurate results with no false positives at top speed. Acunetix fully supports HTML5, JavaScript, Single Page Applications, and CMS systems. It includes advanced manual tools for penetration testers and integrates them with popular WAFs and issue trackers.

3. Red Parker

Netsparker is an accurate automated scanner that will identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting in web applications and web APIs. Netsparker uniquely verifies we identified vulnerabilities, proving that they are accurate and not false positives.

Therefore it will ease the role of the penetration tester as they do not need to spend hours manually checking for identified vulnerabilities after the scan is complete. So it is available as Windows software and an online service.

4. CyberHunter

CyberHunter: Cyber ​​security is the foundation of digital business. Speed ​​up your security. Penetration tests. So network threat assessments. Security audits. Cyber ​​threat hunting.

  • Headquarters: Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Founded: 2016
  • Employees: 12
  • Revenue: 1M+

Core Services: Penetration Testing, Network Threat Assessments, Network Security Audits, Cyber ​​Threat Hunting, Network Log Monitoring.

Productos: TrendMicro, Ericom, Sucuri, InfoCyte, Sepio Systems, Votiro

Clientela: Toyota, Boxycharm, Synergy Gateway, The Minery, PSAC, GolfTown, IronMountain, Arterra, Horizon, ProntoForms, Grow Sumo, FOKO Retail.


  • So best for Penetration Testing, Network Threat Assessments, Security Audits, Cyber ​​Threat Hunting
  • Provide network reconnaissance, vulnerability mapping, exploit attempts, cyber threat analysis
  • One of the best cybersecurity and penetration testing consultants in Canada, the US and also the Caribbean

5. Raxis

Therefore it is a company specializing in penetration testing, vulnerability management, and incident response services. So Raxis conducts over 300 penetration tests annually and enjoys strong relationships with customers of all sizes worldwide.

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Founded: 2012
  • Employees: 10-15
  • Revenue: $3M+

Core Services: Penetration Testing, Red Team Penetration Testing, Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing, API and Secure Code Review, Vulnerability Assessments, Physical Social Engineering, Phishing, Tabletop Exercises, Response to incidents, etc.

Clientela: Southern Company, Nordstrom, Delta, Scientific Games, AppRiver, BlueBird, GE, Monotto, etc.


  • CISSP, CISSM, OSCP, OSWP, etc., accredited team.
  • Penetration testing of internal and external wireless networks
  • Penetration testing of web, API and mobile applications
  • Secure code review
  • incident response
  • A highly specialized team of offensive security professionals who focus solely on the incident and breach assessments.

6. ImmuniWeb

ImmuniWeb® is a global provider of web, API and mobile application penetration testing and also security ratings. Therefore its award-winning ImmuniWeb AI platform leverages a proprietary multi-layer application security testing (AST) technology for rapid, DevSecOps-enabled application penetration testing.

So technology analysts from Gartner, Forrester, and IDC cited its proven machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for its innovation and effectiveness.


ISECURION is an information security company that offers the highest quality of service, innovation and research in technology and information security consulting. So we provide a single combination of services to our clients that address today’s information security landscape.

  • Headquarters: Bangalore, India
  • Founded: 2015
  • Employees: 20
  • Revenue: $2 million – $5 million

Core Services: so penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Mobile Application Security, Red Team Penetration Testing, Network Security, Source Code Audit, Blockchain Security, ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification, Compliance Audits, Security Audits SCADA, SAP security assessment, etc.

Clientela: Mphasis, Wipro, SLK Global, Trusted Source, RLE India, Khosla Labs, Healthplix, Option3, Infrrd, Racetrack, Remidio, Urbansoul, etc.


  • So, it offers a manual and automated approach to penetration testing.
  • Certified consultants with extensive experience in the domain.
  • ISECURION will not only identify technical vulnerabilities but also help clients correct the findings.
  • Therefore, the Methodology is based on Industry best practices and will help clients achieve their desired information security objective.
  • So help you find gaps in your process, people, and technology.
  • Support various technology-related solutions and also best practice guides from ISECURION experts.

8. SumaSoft

Thus sumaSoft is a company that offers ITES and BPO solutions to provide customized business process management services.

  • Headquarters: Pune, India
  • Founded: 2,000
  • Employees: 200 – 500
  • Revenue: B

Core Services: Therefore, penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment, Business Process Outsourcing, Network Security Monitoring, Database Support Services, Cloud Migration Services, Software Development Services, and Logistics Services.

Products: Therefore, cloud-based asset management system.

Clientela: So, ECHO Global Logistics, Bajaj Auto Finance, TVS Credit, Hero FinCorp, Matson Logistics, Eshipper, Time Customer Service, Inc, Fasoos, Command Transport, Freightcom, etc.


  • Thus, 18+ years of experience serving business operations with the best BPO solutions.
  • It serves clients with various services such as BPO, Software and QA, and Security Management Services.
  • Therefore, it offers software solutions for web, mobile and cloud devices


Therefore penetration testing is complete for the security evaluation of software or a web application. Thus it applies simple and complicated techniques to the system to exploit its vulnerabilities. Therefore these vulnerabilities can be related to operating systems, services, misconfiguration, and unintended end users.

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