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Lively Services

Lively is unique in medical alerts because its services are designe to offer more than just emergency support. They have developed a menu of user services ranging from urgent care to travel scheduling services. Here is a bit about each of their various services offered to users.

Lively Urgent Response

Users are automatically connected to trained operators when they press the emergency button on their Lively device or in the Lively app. Its operators are specially prepared to help with major and minor emergencies. They can liaise with emergency services, request assistance on the user’s behalf if needed, and use GPS technology to give specific instructions on how response services can reach the emergency.

Lively Urgent Care

Lively, users can talk to pharmacists and doctors over the phone. Users do not need to choose; this feature typically has no copay fees. Doctors are there to discuss situations and even prescribe common medications to send to your local pharmacy.

Lively Rides

The Lively company has partnered with Lyft to offer rides. Users can have an operator agenda the ride on their behalf, which means they have to wait to pick up.

Lively Link App

The Lively Link app is accessible for users and family members to download. Users can designate family members or caregivers they want to notify if they contact Urgent Response operators.

Lively Personal Operators

For non-emergency services, It offers the option of contacting a Personal Operator. These team members are there to guide users through their new or used devices, helping them with tasks ranging from adding a contact to giving driving directions.

Lively Fall Detection

Automatic fall discovery technology and services are available on most Lively devices. It means the system can contact you to see if you’re okay if it notices an event that could be a crash. Therefore, if a user loses consciousness or cannot press their emergency button, operators can immediately dispatch emergency response services on their behalf.

While not every product comes with every service, the company offers a versatile menu of services that could benefit users at diverse stages of life.

Products And Solutions

Lively’s Jitterbug phones are designed to be informal to use. Therefore lively doesn’t just offer services. They also provide various crops and solutions to keep users safe and secure. So here’s a quick list of the devices they currently offer:

Smartphones And Flip Phones

It proposes two types of phones, the Lively clever and casual. Therefore the flip is an easy-to-use cell phone, perfect for an older person who might not be tech-savvy or doesn’t want a lot of bells and whistles on their cell phone. Instead, the smart is Lively’s answer to a traditional smartphone.

Both phones offer a push button to contact Urgent Response and a humble monthly plan that contains talk and text.


Medical Alert Devices

It offers a variety of aware medical devices, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Users can find one that suits their current lifestyle and future needs to make the best choice.

It’s Mobile Plus easily clips onto your belt, bag, or lanyard. The device has two-way communication, so you can press the urgent response button and then speak to an operator directly on the device.

Therefore the Lively Wearable 2 is a watch, which makes it more discreet. The device links with your smartphone, which means you are connected to operators through its app when you press the Urgent Response button.


Suppose you or your loved one is starting to search for a medical alert device that suits your needs; include Lively on your list of companies to research. They offer various services that benefit your situation, and also their instruments are reasonably price.

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