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Enabling iPhone-13 Home Button and More

Enabling iPhone-13 Home Button  – The iPhone 13 is a smartphone designed, developed, marketed, and also, sold by Apple Inc. They are 20% smaller than their predecessors—the fifteenth generation of iPhones.

The iPhone 13 has a flat chassis analogous to contemporary Apple products, with some differences, such as the rear cameras being more extensive and arranged diagonally.

Basically, the home button has gone from the iPhone series for a while now. It’s also slowly rotating out of iPads, meaning it may finally be time for legacy users to get familiar with the touches.

iPhone 13 doesn’t have a physical Home button, but it’s possible to recreate that classic experience using Apple’s Accessibility features.

Steps to Enabling Home Button on iPhone-13

Steps to Enabling Home Button on iPhone-13

  1. First, you must go into settings and then to Accessibility.
  2. Tap the touch option and tap the assistive touch on top.
  3. We need to turn it on, so press the small toggle until it’s green.
  4. We must go into single tap and select the home option.
  5. It may be on the open menu; we need to go down and select home. Now we have finally enabled home button in iPhone-13.

It may be here for you, whatever you can move it to the place of your choice, so let’s say I wanted to be in the middle where the older home button was on older iPhones. We can exit the menu, and let’s say we have this app open. The button will take us home every time, and we can move it without going back into settings.

iPhone 13 can be used without using the Home button. There are many new gestures and navigation changes on the iPhone now that Apple has done away with the Home Button. You’re familiar with the usual iPhone gestures, such as pinching with two fingers to zoom or shaking to undo.

However, gestures on the iPhone have always been a part of navigation, but the iPhone X introduced many new ways to do old stuff. Unless otherwise indicated, these methods apply to all models of iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 running iOS 15 or later.

Here’s how you can enable Assistive ouch and get a home button on your iPhone-13.

  • Locate the Settings app on your Home screen and scroll down to Accessibility.
  • Choose Touch.
  • Select Assistive ouch and turn it on.
  • You can customize Assistive Touch’s settings panel under the Customize Top Level Menu section.

Assistive ouch offers more functionality compared to a Home button since you can use it to access other supported features. Though it may not take the place of a physical home button, it’ll be the closest iPhone users will get if they use an iPhone 13.


The removal of the home button isn’t specific to the iPhone series since many phone manufacturers worldwide started transitioning into full-screen designs.

However, home buttons are slaughtered for more screen space in the mobiles. But it’s still possible to find models with Home buttons, Especially on the Android side we have the competition.

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