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The best Apex Legends backgrounds for iPhone

Apex Legends backgrounds

As a fan, you may want to personalize your iPhone screen with an Apex Legends backgrounds. But why stop at your smartphone? These wallpapers also look great on your PC, Mac, and iPad. The selected ones come in Full HD and can easily use on all your devices.

With over 25 million energetic gamers inside the first week after launch, Apex Legends is one of the world’s most famous battle royale video games. So it is no marvel that the game’s characters and environments have amassed an full-size fan base.

Let’s dive into the interesting global of Apex Legends with out in addition ado.


Kurdish wallpapers

Are you looking for an attractive wallpaper displaying your favourite legend? The ones designed by Kordan are essential. Apart from being compatible with any iOS device, these wallpapers also work on Android.

You can choose the mysterious Bloodhound, the venomous Caustic, and the blue-eyed Wraith, among other characters. The icons are placed on the black Apex wallpaper, making them appear on your screen.

The Winning Trio

You must choose your team wisely to ensure enough kills to win the Apex Legends battle. This wallpaper shows precisely that. Doctor, Tracker, and Skirmish may be the perfect combination for you to emerge victorious.

You can use this amazing wallpaper on your iPhone, PC, Mac or any other device you see fit.

Caustic Simplicity

Are you a fan of acidic? Do you like simplicity too? If the answers are yes, then this wallpaper is a perfect fit for your aesthetic and gaming favourites. The simple white image opinions out against the black background, and you can nearly see the movement of smoke coming from the caustic mask.

As you can imagine, this wallpaper is an excellent addition to your iPhone, computer or tablet.

Mighty Defender

In the world of Apex Legends, Gibraltar plays a noble role. Standing as an armoured fortress, he rescues his team members when they need him. You might not see it, but there is a story behind Gibraltar’s role as a saint. According to the game, Gibraltar’s father lost his arm while trying to save him from a landslide, so this character dedicated his life to helping others.

Game legends aside, this is one of the most complex Apex wallpapers you can get.

Isn’t She Beautiful?

In addition to the existence of one of the most attractive Apex Legends, Lifeline is also among the most vibrant. This wallpaper shows her relaxed attitude, which is not complete without the victory sign.

A Woman Fighting The Amazon In The Future

The appearance of Bangalore (also known as Anita Williams) was designe to inspire fear in the enemy. She is a well-trained soldier with skills that are hard to beat. If you like the back stories of Apex Legends, you know that their cruelty stems from their grief for their family.

This wallpaper does an excellent job of capturing its strength and determination.

Sand From A Bird’s Point Of View

True, this wallpaper shines on your iPad or computer. We decided to include it anyway because it gives you a good perspective of the entire battlefield.

You can resize the image a bit on your iPhone or use perspective mode for more depth. Either way, you’ll be able to peek into the world of Apex Legends every time you pick up your phone.


The media unit of the official Apex Legends website contains some of the wallpapers in this article. There are also many third-party websites with free HD options.

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