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What is App Development?

App Development

App development entails a life cycle with the following phases: analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation, and support and maintenance. There are different support tools.

What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is the knowledge, techniques and processes necessary to create simple software on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. The objective of these applications is to create value for the user, either because of their utility or because it makes entertainment. More and more companies develop apps to retain their customers.

The stages of the development process include market and technology research, prototype, design, final development, testing, and implementation.

Learn about App Development

With a free online course, you can learn the basics of the world of programming and become an expert in applications for mobile devices. You will learn about the various programming languages, Java, the Python development environment, Android Studio, and everything about databases, CSS, Swift, PHP, and Xcode. You can create the apps on Mac or PC for the different operating systems and iPhone cell phones, tablets, iPad, and Android devices.


Online courses in Mobile Apps

At edX, you can find free online courses where you will acquire the necessary knowledge to start your professional career in web and mobile applications. Still, if you want a certificate, you will have to pay for it. You can take this course from the comfort of your home and choose and organise your schedules without worrying about keeping a fixed agenda. Start your training today and create your applications.

Build a career in Cross-Platform Application Oriented Programming

In today’s world, everything happens through our cell phones. We use applications for practical tasks, communicating with our loved ones, entertaining ourselves, working, and even for health-related issues.

The number of applications that exist is almost infinite, and all the time, companies seek to be part of this success.

With this course, you can become a mobile application developer for Android and iOS. You can create apps, play with your imagination, and demonstrate your potential on social networks. Or become a specialized programmer in the work team of a large company. So your future is in your hands. Start today with a course that will change your life!

What is web application development?

The web development of web applications allows the creation of these tools that users can access through the Internet or an intranet. There we will obtain information, or we will be able to interact with elements that allow us to communicate between us, the users, and the web.

These applications do not store on a computer or mobile; their data is on a web server or hosting, which, in addition to containing all this information, then sends it to our devices. It makes them practical because you don’t have to download anything to access them. In addition to this, we are going to see what other benefits web applications have.

What are the advantages of web applications?

Web applications have different advantages. Some are:

  • They are accessed as if they were a specific web page, and you have to have access to the Internet.
  • As there is nothing to install, it can access from any device.
  • Related to the above, by not installing anything, they save time.
  • It can access through any browser that is up to date.
  • So they do not take up space on our hard drives.
  • Viruses do not affect the data stored on the servers because they have robust computer security systems.


Therefore the expansion of mobile application development has caused users to separate themselves from desktop computing. So they have opted for mobile devices’ immediacy, portability and ergonomics.

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