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How to make a Successful Startup?

If you’re speculative about how to make a successful startup, you’re in the right place to find out. The business world is very dynamic and variable, so it is essential to listen to experienced voices to reduce the margin of error.


1. Define your business idea

Is there something you like to do or want to specialize in? In general, most people who want to start a business already have some idea in mind and need to shape it. If this is the case, define what category the type of business you want to start belongs to, for example, the food sector, such as restaurants or cafeterias, the service sector, and the commercial sector. With this clear, you can take the next step.

Therefore the benefit of small commerce is that they have the flexibility to use pre-designed premises or establishments and adapt them to the operation’s needs. These are some examples:

  1. Clothing or accessories store
  2. Laundries and dry cleaners
  3. Grocery stores
  4. Hairdressers and aesthetics
  5. Coffee shops
  6. Fondas (cheap kitchens)
  7. patisseries
  8. Bakeries
  9. Pharmacy
  10. shoe stores
  11. tailor shops
  12. Greengrocers

There are many small and profitable business options; the important thing is to pay attention to the needs you require to carry it out and look for a site that meets the characteristics.

2. Analyze the environment to define the type of business

Now, it is essential that when determining the turn of your project, you consider the environment. Have you come across more than one place with the same product or service in the same shopping mall?

It is also convenient to analyze the needs of the area where you want to start a business; for example, maybe there are no laundries nearby, or if you want to create a restaurant, you find several. But they do not serve the same type of food, and your project can add variety.

3. Market studies

Perhaps you do not have the necessary resources to conduct a market study that guarantees that your business will be profitable. However, based on what we mentioned in the previous point, you can carry out surveys among the area’s inhabitants, even in surrounding businesses.

Your product or service may also be helpful to the owners or employees of nearby businesses.

Many entrepreneurs do not have to worry about this step since real estate companies —such as BMF Inversiones— have investment lots and macro lots with market studies and suggestions for developing projects.

4. Choose the location of your business

Once you are clear about the project’s direction and the area you are interested in is viable, choose the exact point where it will be.

In each city, there are better areas than others, and to find the best one for you, you must physically visit the ones that interest you. For example, in Mérida, the best locations to set up a business are in the north and east of the city. So if you plan to rent or buy a place to open a physical store, it must meet specific characteristics:

  • Be located on avenues or main streets.
  • High influx of people and vehicular traffic.
  • Preferably in a commercial area.
  • Be accessible.

Have the appropriate measures for your service or the product you will market.

6. Establish the name and objectives of the business

Who are you going to sell your product or service to? Establishing the target audience you will address will be a necessary step to defining the name of your business; why? Because it is not the same to sell to young people as to older people.

Although many want to sell to everyone, it would not be wise. You must clearly define your potential customers and direct your sales and marketing efforts only to them.

7. Analyze the competition

In digital marketing, there is something called benchmarking; this refers to observing the competition and analyzing what works for them; it is not about copying but about being inspired to do something better.

Analyzing the sales strategies implemented by businesses like yours will be the starting point to create your own and improve what already exists in the market.

8. Make a business plan

The business plan must include all the above points, it does not have to be extremely extensive, but it must be complete.

Having all the project information in a single document will allow you to control the process’s progress better, detect possible failures or errors, and correct or change some details.

It must include a complete marketing plan. And consider in the budget if the services of third parties will contract for managing social networks and advertising campaigns. On the contrary, if you wish to carry them out yourself, you will find various online courses. To learn how to do it.

9. Follow your passion, and don’t just follow trends

Talking about attachments in the business field leads us to tell you a little about the history of Elon Musk. In case you didn’t know, Musk is a billionaire businessman characterized by his exuberant personality and passion for space. So, his life story will inspire you greatly if you want to see how to do a successful business.


A successful Startup is one of the best you can make in your life. However, it is not just about thinking of an excellent business idea; you must go out and start executing. Therein lies the difference between successful people and those who only dream.

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