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Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

Prepared Hero fire blanket is a simple fire safety appliance designed to tackle small, contained fires usually found in a kitchen. Easily one of the most critical safety items you can have in your home for multiple house uses one for each family member. Better safe than sorry.

Fire blankets are used where extinguishers are not suitable for the given risk. Typically, they are used in commercial and domestic kitchens to tackle cooking oil fires. If a fire extinguisher is aimed at a burning pan, the sudden expansion of gas as it is forced under the surface of the oil could cause the oil to burst out of the pan, spreading the fire. A fire blanket, on the other hand, smothers the fire, starving it of oxygen.

Safety Note: Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

Prepared Hero Fire Blanket Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

When a fire breaks out, swift action is all that stands between safety and tragedy. The Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket is the way to keep your home and family safe from dangerous fire accidents. A pan that has been involved in such a fire must never be moved until it has cooled down, which will be much longer than you might think.

Larger fire blankets are also used where people work near flammable liquids. A victim whose clothes were alight would be laid on the ground and the blanket used to wrap around them, again smothering the fire.

Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket – 1 Pack – Fire Suppression Blanket for Kitchen, 40″ x 40″ Fire Blanket for Home, Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket

Extinguish small fires quickly and easily with no mess (unlike standard fire extinguishers). Simply deploy the blanket by pulling down the tabs.

Prepared Hero Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind for when the fire happens from the brand you trust. Keep the Fire Blanket in the kitchen, backyard, or vehicle, or take it camping. It has a hole slot, so it can be easily hung on walls.

Lightweight Fire Suppression Blanket

Effective on liquid or grease fires. It works for different types of fires as well. They can also be used as a thermal or heat shield. A must-have in your kitchen, backyard, and vehicle survival kit for protection.

No Mess In Kitchen

Made from 100% quality flame retardant material. They conform to CE safety standards (EN 1896:1997). It comprises two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film. They can isolate high temperatures up to 1076°F (580℃).

Does Not Expire

Unlike traditional extinguishers, the fire blanket never expires. Unlike conventional fire extinguishers, it doesn’t need to be replaced.

How To Use A Fire Blanket

To use a fire blanket, turn off the heat source if possible. Pull the tapes downwards to release the fire blanket from its container. Wrap the blanket’s corners around your hands to protect them from the fire, and place the blanket over the object on fire. Leave the blanket until the fire is out and the object is fantastic.

Prepared Hero Emergency Fire Blanket

Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

Currently unavailable.

Colour White
Brand Prepared Hero
Special Feature Lightweight
Style modern
Age Range (Description) Adult
Product Dimensions 99.8L x 99.8W Centimeters
Recommended Uses For Product Camping, Home
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash Only
Size Regular
Fabric Type 100% Fiberglass

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Prepared Hero Fire Blanket

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