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Digital Marketing Campaign – Examples, Five Pillars and Its Descriptions

Digital Marketing Campaign – The marketing strategy through all the digital channels where customers engage with a brand is known as the digital campaign. These campaigns are the reason for upgrading the company’s conversion rate.

Whereas, to start a campaign, marketers need to understand who their customer is, where to reach them, and anticipate what action the customer will take next.

The examples of Digital Marketing Campaign

The following are the top five examples of digital marketing campaigns :

  1. Dominoes and the embrace of new technologies.
  2. Sephora and the omnichannel path.
  3. American Express and the building of authority.
  4. Lyft and the need for creating promoters.
  5. Slack and the focus on solutions.

Dominoes and the embrace of new technologies:

It is an excellent case to grasp new technologies, and acting fast can pay out from these digital marketing examples above. It’s a tool focused not on how to order you do but also on the product itself. This software gets protected with an AI capable of clarifying and is a voice-activated understanding you want.

Sephora and the omnichannel path:

Sephora is a big player in the whole Digital Marketing field because it manages a vast online presence overall. The company’s concentration is on being wherever its viewers are. Social media has a significant role as the product has excellent visual appeal.

American Express and the building of authority:

In these express, we see great satisfaction in a specific target, which is the best strategy when you want to make supremacy. In addition, it helps the public by giving applicable information and solutions in the cases of tips for marketing sales, cash flow, trends for businesses, and financial news.

Lyft and the need for creating promoters:

In Digital Marketing, an outstanding achievement is turning customers into promoters. It’s building your user foundation to find more leads for you. It is generally profitable by giving special conditions in exchange and creating loyalty programs.

Slack and the focus on solutions:

Slack is a team collaboration tool for initiatives, no matter their size or conformation. It is a complete and elastic platform focused on productivity and also, decision-making. Our last case shows that Digital Marketing efforts didn’t end when the lead transformed.

The five pillars of a Digital Marketing campaign

five pillars of a Digital Marketing campaign

  1. Content Marketing.
  2. Inbound Marketing.
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Mobile Marketing.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is at the top of the list of digital marketing pillars. We build trust and authority when we create content that entertains, educates, and enlightens our targeted customers. The content will satisfied in different formats. For example e-books, slideshows, blogs, websites, and conferences.

Inbound Marketing:

In these marketing, we get the valuable content. It is set with the customer’s needs in a strategic approach. And it also influences long-term customer relationships. So providing the explanations that your target audiences are searching for is known as inbound marketing.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is also familiar with e-marketing. In this marketing, users build social networks and share information. As a result, they increase sales, drive website traffic and build a company’s brand.

Email Marketing:

It’s marketing that gives clients information through email about discounts, new products, and other services. Further, to instruct the customers on the value of your brand by keeping them engaged between purchases.

Mobile Marketing:

However, it is a digital marketing program that points to reach a target of clients through mobiles like smartphones, tablets, etc. They communicate with customers by email, social media, websites and apps, SMS, and MMS.


Hence, marketing is the art of forming networks with your customers. And in today’s digital age, the best marketing campaign strategy would be to meet your clients online. However, in the current cut-throat competition, marketing and advertising have become challenging and take a lot in relationships of cost and energy.

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