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What are the types of jobs by AI(artificial intelligence)?

Types of Jobs by AI

These are the types of jobs by AI(artificial intelligence) in 2019. Healthcare, the public sector and education will see incessantly growing job demand, while manufacturing will succeed the hardest. Starting in 2020, AI-related job creation will cross into positive areas, with two million net-new jobs in 2025.

Data detective

It would be a person in charge of investigating the “mysteries” of Big Data and interpreting what these data are trying to tell companies. Therefore the organization estimates that this job will require research experience, legal experience as a lawyer or paralegal, studies in data science, or advanced degrees in math, philosophy, or economics.


Create your own IT facilitator

Its goal would be to create an automated self-service platform that allows users to select the desired IT applications and create virtual assistants to improve employee performance. It will be a qualified job that requires a Master’s degree in IT, computer science, engineering or business administration And proven experience in the sector.

Ethical Sourcing Officer

I would ensure that corporate income distribution aligns with the standards set by the company’s clients and employers, investigating their ethical wishes and how the company’s money obtain and spent. People with communication, analytical, and educational backgrounds or business experience are needed.

Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager

AI will help to perform many tasks in the future. But the companies that develop them will still need qualified personnel to find customers who want to buy them. This job will require knowledge and experience in AI and machine learning. As well as knowledge of business development and sales.

Edge Computing Expert

Instead of processing data on a centralized server, with Edge Computing, each device on the network plays its role in processing information, and experts will be required to know how to maintain these systems. Therefore to access this position, you will need a doctorate in computer science, electronics, telecommunications, electrical engineering or similar.


In the future, with machines taking on heavier jobs, people may live longer, and more people will need to take care of the elderly. In this job, an excellent qualification would not be necessary. Therefore just not having a criminal record and enjoying interacting and listening to other people.

Fitness Commitment Advisor

Obesity is and possibly will be one of the great epidemics of the modern world. Although wearables will help us exercise, we will still need people to motivate us to do physical activities and improve our diet. The position will require experience in individual counselling, nutrition, or psychology and an understanding of wearables and new technologies.

AI-Assisted Healthcare Technician

The role will involve combining face-to-face work with general patients and remote work with the most vulnerable patients, which AI will help through. This job will require experience, a college degree in nursing or a related field, and being comfortable and proficient in operating software packages and digital test equipment.

Cyber ​​City Analyst

Cities of the future will collect data from their assets and citizens. It will take skilled people to analyze it, ensure its security, and fix broken or hacked automated data streams. Therefore computer skills, circuitry, analytics and digital engineering will be required.

Genomics Portfolio Manager

Biotechnology will create companies specializing in DNA analysis and gene editing. Thus people need to market these solutions and their new medicines. So I anticipate this work will need a bachelor’s degree focusing on genomics and laboratory and marketing experience.

Manager of Man-Machine teams

In the future, it will be more common for humans to join forces with robots and AI software in their jobs, and a person in charge needs to help optimize these jobs so that machines and humans get to work well together. So you will need a postgraduate degree in experimental psychology or neuroscience and a master’s degree in computer science, engineering or human resources to obtain the position. Also as experience in any of these areas.


AI automation is definitely on track and creates new jobs for everyone. 63% of CEOs predicted that AI would create more job openings and positively impact the job market. Therefore just like the internet, we had done.

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