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How to Create a Brand Ambassador Program?

Brand Ambassador Program

The brand ambassador or brand ambassador is a figure that has become key in many influencer marketing strategies. It is a person who acts as a brand representative, transmitting the same values ​​and promoting and showing its products or services in different media. Including social networks, thus becoming a kind of corporate image.

We explain how you can create a good brand ambassador program to reinforce and increase brand visibility. Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase sales.


To create a good brand ambassador program, it is ideal for every company to consider the following points that we share here:

1. Determine what you are watching for in an ambassador

The starting point for developing a brand ambassador program is knowing what you are looking for in these individuals. The idea with this is to find the most suitable task, so it will be necessary to determine the qualities every ambassador should have. Having this information will serve to begin the search for potential candidates.

Whether niche authorities, audience ambassadors, or passionate customers, brands should consider candidates who will help the brand achieve particular goals. So, ideally, these people fit into one of the following profiles:

  • Enthusiasts: Enthusiastic people about the brand’s products or services.
  • Publishers: Those who publish their authentic love for the brand regularly.
  • Niche authorities: That is, people with expertise who can trigger trust in the brand.
  • Those who mix with the target audience: That is, people who can easily reach the target audience that is of interest to the company
  • True professionals: People who manage themselves professionally in the online and physical world and can also fit into any of the profiles above.

2. Find and contact ambassadors

As the second step to having a good brand ambassador program, once you have determined what you are looking for in the ambassador. Look for the individuals who cover these highlights and contact them.

To develop this point, mainly to find, you should know that there are at least three practical ways. Social media searches, software and an established application process.

Regarding the first way, the search on social networks is considered a good starting point since you may have already found some people who published a lot about the love they feel for your brand or company. Here you can search manually by referring to the hashtags or posts of people who have mentioned or tagged the brand.

3. Set goals, share them and record them

The third step in creating a brand ambassador program will come after you have chosen and contacted the candidates since the brand has recruited a group of enthusiastic and authentic ambassadors. It will have to establish an agreement with each one of them.

To complete this task, it will be necessary to provide them with the information they need to become experts in the brand and to be able to establish goals together. In addition, a series of critical points must cover so that this part of the process is ready.

Expectations must be usual first; then unambiguous communication must be established to share short- and long-term goals. A written contract to agree on tracking progress is ideal. Information should also provide the ambassadors about the brand regarding issues such as relevant promotions and campaigns, forming relationships, applying rules and monitoring everything.

4. Recognize ambassadors or reward them

With the above points covered, setting up rewards should also be considered for a brand ambassador program to be a success. At the same time, it may be enough for many ambassadors to collaborate with the brand they love. The rewards go a long way to show the value to these people and the brand’s appreciation for them.

If you decide to establish the rewards, it is ideal that you clarify how people will compensate and what they need to do to receive that compensation. Remember that there can be many ways to reward, for example, with cash, free products or gift cards.

5. Establish a good relationship with the ambassadors

Finally, to ensure that your brand ambassador program is a success. It’s ideal for working on developing positive relationships with these individuals. Relationships serve to, among other things, strengthen aspects such as trust.

To achieve this, you can develop actions such as not stopping communication with the ambassadors. Ensure they can quickly contact the brand to answer questions and suggestions, sharing essential updates on the company’s progress. Let them provide feedback for the development or construction of the brand and schedule appointments to review their activities.


Ambassadors also need to give feedback to help build your brand. Ambassadors want your company to succeed. They often offer different perspectives to help you make campaigns and promotions work better with specific audiences.

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