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Is General Tullius Headcanons Evil?


General Tullius Headcanons is a general in the Imperial Legion and the military governor of Skyrim. In solitude, you can find it inside the castle door. The imperial sword he carries is part of his armour. For the first time, we see General Tullius Hedkins in Helgen presiding over an attempt to execute Alfred on charges of rebellion against imperial authority and the assassination of Tori, the supreme king of Skyrim. Al-Fark and other captured rebels managed to escape back to Wind Helm to regroup, however, due to Aldrin’s attack on Helgen’s garrison. General Tullius Headcanons leads his troops in an attempt to defend Helgen so that civilians can get out, but the troops soon have to leave the city on their own. General Tullius Hedkins survived the attack and retreated to the Castle Door in solitude to regroup.


Political views

General Tullius Headcanons has been against the White-Gold Concordat and resented Thalmore, which ironically shares with his nemesis Alfrek Stormlock. Tullius concludes a subtle deal with Ulfric in front of Elenwen in search of Headcanons “Season Unending” when Ulfric expresses his anger at Thalmor’s presence in the negotiations at High Hrothgar. General Tullius Headcanons The headcanon shows ignorance and disinterest in the history and culture of the Nordes. Conversely, if Dragon Bourne wins the Civil War, General Tullius Hedkins will say that while he “will never understand these nerds,” he has come to praise them, saying that “the rigidity of the sky is a man.” There is a way to carve. To the essence of it.”

Battle for Wind Helm

To boost the morale of his crowds and to lead the siege of Wind Helm, General Teles Hedkins delivered a speech when it shells with catapult fire from the East March Imperial Camp. After following the player across the city, he and Leggett will arrive at the King’s Palace. When the general arrived, he ordered Alfrak and his second-in-command, Galmar Stonefist, to surrender. He made it clear that whatever the outcome, he would send Cyrodale back to his head to present to the emperor. After the fight, Ulfric asks Tullius to let Dragon Bourne kill him, stating that it will make a better song. But the player can refuse and allows the general to do it.

The war of loneliness


General Tullius Headcanons and Legate Rikke defeat if Dragonborn joins due to Stormcloaks. Ulfric Stormcloak allows Dragonborn to kill Tullius personally after a brief exchange of words. In either case, General Tullius Hedkins will destroy, whether the dragon-born Alfred leaves or ends his own life. He admitted to Alfrck and Stormklux that the Third Empire was in decline and that Skyrim had an uncertain future. Still, before he died, he warned Alfrck that the Imperialists were not villains. That the Civil War Ultimately benefited Thalmer and Aldmury Dominion.


General Tullius’ Armor is an exclusive piece of Heavy Armor worn by General Tullius. It contains only one part—the cuirass. It shares its base armour rating with the steel armour cuirass. This can only achieve at the end of the “War of Solitude” if the Stormcloaks questline follows in the Civil War. It can also be stolen from the coffin of Tullius in the separate Catacombs after the cue.

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